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How we work

the order

the device

Send the devices

doing test

the device back

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1. We receive the order

You can place an order via our website, email or by phone

2. We will prepare the devices

All devices shipped are packed in transport crates so that they are not damaged during transport.

We offer rental of equipment:

  • High voltage testing devices from 0 to 200kV
  • High current testing device up to 10kA
  • Oil breakdown voltage testers up to 90kV; accordance with IEC-60156
  • High voltage kilovoltmeter up to 140kV DC; 100kV AC
  • Earth tester
  • Indicator of electrical machines windings defects
  • Indicator of defects of electrical machine bearingss

All devices are checked before going to the customer. All devices are calibrated up to date

3. We send the devices by courier

We work with various courier companies to offer the cheapest delivery. It is also possible to collect it yourself or by courier.

4. Client doing test

In case of questions or doubts while performing the tests, our specialist is always available for deposition. Video instructions will be prepared for each device to make working with the device easy and effective.

5. The client is shipping the device back