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High-potential AC and DC milliammeter ITV-140R

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Working range of measureable DC current 0,02 - 12 mA

Working range of measureable AC current 0,02 - 10 mA

Bandwidth on AC from 0 to 1000Hz

Discrete readings 0,001 mA

Maximum working voltage up to 140kV

Wireless communication range (open space) 5-10 m

High-potential AC and DC milliammeter series ITV-140R designed to measure DC and AC sinusoidal current with frequency of 50-60 Hz, under the potential of up to 140 kV.

Special feature of meters is absence of galvanic connection between indicator unit and measuring unit, which ensures complete safety of operation.

The unit can be used with any high voltage source up to 140kV.


Rental time Rental price
1 day 21 Euro
1 week 105 Euro
1 month 400 Euro

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