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Indicator of defects of electrical machine bearings IDP-07

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Measurement machine vibration

Measurement wear of bearing raceways and rolling bodies

Measurement quality of lubrication and bearing installation

Measurement the level of bearing local defects (cracks, nicks, cavities)

Measurement bearing heating

IDP-07 – is a portable device designed for monitor vibration of electrical and other rotary machines, the condition of their rolling bearings.
IDP-07 provides the following checks:

– machine vibration;
– wear of bearing raceways and rolling bodies;
– quality of lubrication and bearing installation;
– the level of bearing local defects (cracks, nicks, cavities);
– bearing heating.

IDP-07 is intended for companies that operate electrical and other rotary machines with a rotation frequency from 300 to 6000 rpm.

Operating principle:

– when checking machine vibration, wear of raceways and rolling bodies, quality of lubrication and installation, level of bearing local defects, the indicator measures the values of the appropriate monitored parameters and indicates the assessment zones and the intervals within these zones, in which the measured values fall;
– when checking heating of the bearing, the indicator measures the bearing temperature (in a non-contact way using an infrared sensor), compares it with the maximum permissible one (100°C) and shows the result of this comparison.


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