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Oil breakdown voltage tester OT-90

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Voltage ranges on test electrodes from 10 to 90 kV

Device is equipped with spherical test electrodes (25.0 mm diameter)

Voltage increase rate 2kV/s

Mixing time programmable

Overall dimensions 520×335×320

Weight 35kg

OT-90 devices for testing the breakdown voltage of oil.

OT-90 test devices are designed to test the dielectric strength of insulating fluids in accordance with IEC-60156.

They are perfect for testingthe mineral and synthetic oils.

The above devices are applied at company laboratories, which deal with manufacturing, operation or maintenance of transformers, oil circuit-breakers, transformers, and capacitors.


– Oil testing – up to 90kV;
– Testing in accordance with IEC-60156;
– Measuring of both mineral and synthetic oils;
– Safety interlock – to prevent inadvertent power connection when the cover is open;
– Ergonomic design facilitates proper conducting of the test;
– Automatic calculation of average measurement values and standard deviation.


Rental time Rental price
1 day 55 Euro
1 week 275 Euro
1 month 990 Euro

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