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High voltage vlf testing system DTE-40

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Output VLF voltage (±)40 kV

Output voltage frequency 0,02; 0,05; 0,1 Hz

Voltage waveform rectangular-cosine

Maximum load capacity (depending on high-voltage source) 1 μF


Maximum operating AC voltage (RMS) 50 kV

Maximum operating AC current 35 mA

– Set of tools for testing any type of insulation
– Measurement of leakage currents and protection from breakdown of test objects
– Integrated discharge system
– Simple operation and maintenance
– Cable testing in accordance with VDE, IEC and IEEE-standards

High-voltage testing system DTE-40 for cables with cosine-rectangular voltage works in accordance with VDE, IEC and IEEE standards.
According to the most of regulations, cables and joints are tested after installation or repair. DTE-40 test system can be used to test cables with operating voltage up to 20 kV. The system consists of control unit, AC high-voltage unit and VLF unit.
Maximum test capacity of the cable is 1 μF.
AC testing of substation elements – up to 50kV (50Hz).

DTE-40 test system can be mounted on cable test van, individual car or trailer and can be supplied with additional cable reels (power, ground, and high-voltage cables).


Rental time Rental price
1 day 150 Euro
1 week 650 Euro
1 month 2080 Euro

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