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PAT-10 electrical equipment safety meter

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Measurement of the resistance of the protective conductor with current: 200 mA, 10 A

Measurement of insulation resistance

Measuring the tripping time of PRCD circuit breakers

Measurement of equivalent, differential and contact leakage current

IEC cable test

Mains voltage measurement

Recording the results to memory

Automatic selection of measurement ranges

The PAT-10 meter is an innovative combination of small dimensions (and the associated full mobility) with advanced measuring systems, allowing fully automatic measurements for electrical devices, IEC cables and extension cords – including those with PRCDs.

A set of tests is performed with a single press of the START button. Configuration capabilities allow you to modify the way the meter works, and thus make it even better suited to your needs.

PAT instruments are equipped with a manual measurement mode. It comes in handy in situations where it is sufficient to perform a unit test instead of a complex measurement procedure.

All instruments allow basic testing without external power: simplified test sets are available in battery operation mode.

Small size, light weight and specially designed case for the meter and accessories provide both convenience of use and high mobility. Wireless communication with the printer allows any organization of the place where measurements are taken without a tangle of wires. Recording of results to memory and their integration in PC software further expands the functionality of the instruments.


The instrument can be used to test equipment according to standards, among others:

PN-EN 50699:2021: Periodic testing of electrical equipment.
EN 60745-1: Electrically powered hand tools. Safety in use. Part 1: General requirements.
EN 61029: Safety in the use of power-driven portable tools. General requirements.
EN 60335-1: Safety of electrical appliances for household and similar use. General requirements.
EN 60950: Safety of information technology equipment.
EN 61557-6 Electrical safety in low-voltage distribution networks with a.c. voltages up to 1000 V and d.c. voltages up to 1500 V – Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures – Part 6: Residual current devices (RCD) in TT, TN and IT networks
VDE 0701-0702 Prüfung nach Instandsetzung, Änderung elektrischer Geräte. Wiederholungsprüfung elektrischer Geräte. Allgemeine Anforderungen für die elektrische Sicherheit

– Measurement of resistance of protective conductor – I = 200mA; 0.01…19.99Ω
– Measurement of resistance of protective conductor – I = 10A; 0,01…1,99Ω
– Measurement of insulation resistance – U = 250V; 0,25…99,9MΩ
– Measurement of insulation resistance – U = 500V; 0,50…99,9MΩ
– Measurement of equivalent leakage current – 0,01…19,9mA
– Measurement of contact leakage current – 0,001…4,999mA
– Measurement of differential leakage current – 0.10…19.9mA
– IEC cable test (RISO, RPE, Polarity)
– PRCD test (tripping time for IΔn: x1/x5; 0° and 180°) – 10mA, 30mA
– Built-in result memory / transfer to computer
– Wi-Fi
– Cooperation with a printer
– Meter configuration from the computer
– Mains power supply: 220 V; 230 V; 240 V 50/60 Hz Built-in rechargeable battery
– Measurement category – CAT II 300 V



Service Aspects Price
1 day 20 Euro
1 week 100 Euro
1 month 360 Euro

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